Home theater surround sound speaker installation and noise control techniques 1


Nowadays, home theater is a very popular form of entertainment, the entire home theater surround sound speaker from the choice of the room to the environment of the environment, equipment selection and installation debugging, there are many stress. Therefore, many users like to choose a professional audio and video team to conduct one-stop service, which is more convenient. However, there are still a lot of consumers who like DIY, and in the process of doing it themselves, they will encounter many problems. How can these problems be solved?


home theater surround sound speaker

Home theater surround sound speaker

How to install the cabling in insufficient space

Cabling is also a very important part of home theater, and not every family has a suitable proportion of rooms, so the lack of space has become a very common problem.


Cinema equipment is usually installed one the ceiling, so what to do when the ceiling space is insufficient? First, you can increase the ceiling. Even if the ceiling does not have enough space, the user can still hide the automatic projector and the screen on the special ceiling. The main role of the ceiling is to support and hide the large-scale machine equipment in the home stereo surround sound system. At the same time, it is also feasible to add some structures in the room according to the needs of the users.


home stereo surround sound system

Home stereo surround sound system

The speaker is installed next to it: If the ceiling doesn’t have enough space, it is not possible to install ceiling speakers. In this case, the user can choose to use the embedded speaker. If the user wants the speaker not to be particularly noticeable, the entire wall can be covered with the acoustic structure panel so that our room will look particularly beautiful and the color of the speaker can also be painted to match the walls. 

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