How to configure the home cinema system equipment 1


In order to quickly set up a home cinema system, it is necessary to choose a suitable device. Every component of the home cinema system is very important. If one of them have defects, it will affect the overall effect. However, for a home cinema system, it is most important to choose the right equipment and match them perfectly. Let me tell you how to match.


Bluetooth home cinema system

Bluetooth home cinema system

According to your own needs:

If you are paying attention to the sound effects of the home cinema system, you should test the movie track and the music disc when you choose. When testing, you should pay attention to the performance of the equipment when playing the music disc. Because the playback of the music disc is credible for the sound effects of the equipment, according to experience, the performance of the speaker when playing music is better than playing the movie program. For home cinema system, we should also pay attention to its sound positioning accuracy, clarity, presence and dynamics when listening to equipment in the field.


Is the output power of the equipment you choose is sufficient?

There are a lot of enthusiasts who just started to think that the speakers have a rated power, the input power can not exceed the rated power. But this idea is obviously not correct. In fact, pushing with a power rating greater than the speaker is obviously much better than pushing it by the equipment below the rated power of the speaker. The power required depends on your personal hobbies, room size, speaker sensitivity and impedance. At the same volume level, the sensitivity of the speaker at the end of the month, the greater the power required.

home cinema surround sound system

Home cinema surround sound system

Similarly, the lower the impedance of the speaker, the greater the power required. The power instructions marked on the equipment manual may be misleading, so it is best to use the speakers to test the actual effect of the equipment. Before buying, you need to consult the equipment in advance whether the power is sufficient. We can try to play different types of large dynamic sound clips to test the equipment, and carefully listen to its actual effect, which is also a sensible way to choose the right home cinema system equipment.

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