How to configure the home cinema system equipment 2


Do you want to use your equipment to convert multiple sets of video signals?

Do you have HD equipment?

Do you need 720p/1080i upscaling function?

home cinema speaker system

Home cinema speaker system

You can directly transmit the signal of the video to the monitor, then convert the same signal through the equipment to be tested and output it to the monitor to compare the effects, so that we can have a preliminary understanding of the screen effect of this home cinema speaker system. For a good one, the video signal will not be weaken after being converted by the video converter. In addition, we should also test the up-convert function to see if it can up-convert the DVD video signal to 1080P progressive scan high-definition image output, and see if it has actually improved the image quality. More importantly, Some equipment can improve the quality of the picture, while others Just false advertising.


bluetooth home cinema system

Bluetooth home cinema system

Do you need your home cinema speaker system to support connections to i.Link (FireWire), DVI or HDMI sources? Also, do you need to connect an iPOD or satellite radio antenna?

Do you need your home cinema speaker system to support LAN connection?

For the average user, it is best to buy equipment that suits you and has a home theater device that is extremely compatible. Of course, in addition to the actual needs, we must also consider the future needs, otherwise your home theater will soon be eliminated with the development of the times. Don't think about unrealistic features, because some features may not be used for a lifetime.

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