The difference between home speaker system and professional speaker system 1


Home audio speaker system is generally used for indoor broadcasting. Its characteristics are that the sound quality is delicate and soft, the appearance is more delicate and beautiful, the sound pressure level is not too high, the power is relatively low, and the range of sound transmission is small.

home speaker system with subwoofer

3.1 home speaker system with subwoofer

In general, professional audio refers to professional entertainment venues such as dance halls, karaoke halls, theaters, conference rooms and sports venues, according to different place, different sound requirements, venue size and other factors, configure audio system solutions in different locations.


Common home audio system configuration

1.    Sound source: the source of sound, common sound sources in home speaker system such as CD player, LP machine, DVD player, etc.

2.    Amplification equipment: In order to effectively and high-power the speaker sound, the signal output from the source generally have to power amplification. The common amplification equipment is AV power amplifier, which is generally a transistor power amplifier, but now some enthusiasts also love the tube amplifier.

home audio speaker system

3.1 home audio speaker system

3.    Sound-reducing equipment: that is speaker, its performance will directly affect the listening effect.

4.    Connection line: including the connection line from the sound source to the amplifier and the connection line form the amplifier to the speaker.

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