The difference between home speaker system and professional speaker system 2


Requirements for home audio equipment

The home theater speaker system is aiming to get the desired listening effect. Such as enjoying the sound effect of theater in home. However, home is different from the theater. Therefore, the acoustic effects required for different sounds. For popular music, classical music, light music, etc., it is necessary to correctly restore various instruments. But for the appreciation of the film, it requires a sense of presence and envelopment with sound effects.


home theater bluetooth speaker system

Home theater Bluetooth speaker system

For audio sources, different sources will eventually get different sound effects (even if the devices behind are identical).

For the requirements of the speaker, the power can be smaller, because the use of the home generally does not require high-power output, but the sensitivity, pointing characteristics, and frequency response characteristics of the speaker should have higher requirements.

bluetooth speaker system with subwoofer

Bluetooth speaker system with subwoofer

Connection lines are the most easily overlooked, but it turns out that their effects on sound effects must not be ignored, and their frequency characteristics and shielding characteristics must be good.

Home theater speaker system requirements for listening environment

For ordinary families, the living room is the listening room. Due to the limitations of objective conditions, it is no longer possible to adjust the proportion of the listening environment. 

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