The difference between home speaker system and professional speaker system 3


However, under the existing conditions, how to make the best listening experience, it is the question we need to consider: The symmetry of the listening environment. This symmetry includes two aspects, namely, audit symmetry and acoustic symmetry, geometric symmetry and settings of surround sound speaker system should be geometrically symmetrical, of course, the listening position is used as a reference point.


audio speaker system

Audio speaker system

Acoustic symmetry means that the acoustic conditions in the vicinity of the symmetric speaker are basically the same, including the direct reflection of the sound wave, the reflection and absorption characteristics of the sound wave should be consistent, which requires that the choice of decorative materials and the arrangement of the furniture should satisfy the good acoustic characteristics of the listening.


surround sound speaker system

Surround sound speaker system

Professional sound reinforcement

General professional sound speaker system configuration

1.    Sound source (music playback equipment, sound pickup equipment, musical instruments, etc.)

2.    Control equipment(analog mixer, digital mixer, digital audio media matrix, AV digital management center, the latter two meetings use more)

3.    Peripheral equipment(processor, equalizer, compressor, frequency divider, exciter, delay, effect, feedback suppressor)

4.    Restore equipment(audio speaker system, power amplifier)

5.    The connection line(the above equipment has a variety of different wires, also fiber)

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