The speaker is not only important for the home theater system speaker unit but also the cabinet 3


The lowest frequency sound of the home theater stereo system speaker is radiated to the listening position through the inverted hole opening, and all other frequencies are radiated by the speaker unit. When the frequency is very low and the sound pressure level is high, a large amount of air will repeatedly enter and exit through the duct opening on the box.


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Therefore, the key to the design of the inverting hole is to allow air to enter and exit without hindrance when the mass is large and the speed is high. At the same time, no turbulence noise is generated in the inverting pipe and the nozzle. If the air flow from the inverting hole is obstructed, audible low-frequency distortion is immediately generated, as well as low frequency loss.


We see that some of the inverter holes are placed on the back of the home theater stereo system speakers, some on the front of the speakers, some on the bottom, and others with special shapes. However, it doesn’t matter where the inverted hole is located in the speaker. Because of the wavelength of the extremely low-frequency sound waves radiated by the inverted hole, the size of the speaker has been negligible.


home theater stereo system

For example, the wavelength of 50Hz has been as long as 6.8 meters, and the thickness of the general box may not exceed 60 centimeters, so low-frequency sound waves can be completely diffracted, and the phase difference caused by the box size has been so small that the human ear cannot hear. Although the position of the inverting hole is not important, after all, the speaker has to talk about design aesthetics in addition to sound, not just digging a hole in the box, clever design can often be a icing on a product.

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