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When using the sound system speaker, there will have some problems, which will bring us great inconvenience. As the saying goes, it is good to precaution. If you can do routine maintenance and care when using the sound system speaker, at least it can delay the time of speaker and make your more comfortable when use it.


How to do the daily maintenance of the speaker is a matter of learning. But this study can be said to be not esoteric. Many things are quite simple, but we don't pay attention or too lazy to do when we use it everyday, but I want to point out some of the reasons for it, or can lift everyone's attention to the maintenance of the sound system speaker.


 sound system speakers for home

     Sound system speakers for home

Dust prevention is the key

     Many of the faults that occur during the use of the sound system speakers are often not due to the speakers themselves. Problems such as dust, moisture, and placement can cause malfunctions in the speakers. In normal use, you should pay attention to these problems.

Dust has always been a natural enemy of power amplifiers. Many of them have been used for many years, often ignoring the huge lethality caused by dust, but there is a disaster in the morning and evening. Many friends will ask the speakers to be closed design, how can the dust enter the box? I have to say that this is actually a kind of not comprehensive understanding.

3.1 surround sound speakers

3.1 surround sound speakers

Although the speaker is a sealed structure, the inside does not completely do not enter the dust. When the dust in the box enters, the most difficult thing to clean is the speaker unit. If you don't pay attention, the speaker will rupture. When cleaning, it is quite necessary to pay attention. of. When cleaning the inside, the power should be turned off and not washed with water. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner. Most of the dust can be removed by gently sucking on the horn.

Therefore, in daily life, we should clean the sound system speaker at least once a week, try to keep the speaker free from dust. In addition, try to put the speaker in a place with little dust to extend the life of the speaker.

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