These small details will ruin your sound system speakers 3


3. Sound system speakers placement problem

     If many friends see the problem of placing the sound system speakers, they must raise an objection. Do you still need to find a place to place the speakers? In fact, the sound system speakers placement is quite knowledgeable, of course, this is considered in terms of sound quality. Since this article is mainly to introduce the maintenance of the speaker, here is not to explain the method of placing the speaker for the sound quality, just to propose two points. First of all, the speaker should be placed in a place where it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or near low temperatures. Because these places are particularly prone to cause aging of the internal components of the sound system speakers, so be sure to remember.


surround sound stereo system

Surround sound stereo system

Moreover, the sound system speakers is not suitable for placing in a place where the electromagnetic field is relatively strong, such as next to the refrigerator. Although they do not have particularly serious consequences for the speakers, there are some unexpected failures after long-term use. If you want to place it in a better place, consider a more ventilated location, which is more conducive to speaker cooling.

Ordinary maintenance should be done well


home surround sound speaker system

Home surround sound speaker system

     If you want to make your speakers "live" more enjoyable and can play high-quality music for a long time, some operating rules must be understood.

     1. Switch the speaker, adjust the volume to the appropriate position

     At present, most of the sound system speakers are active speakers. In addition to the few independent amplifier speakers, many speakers will be built into the amplifier. The power amplifier chip is most afraid of instantaneous current surge. If the instantaneous current is very large, it is easy to make the chip burned. Therefore, before turning on the source device, adjust the sound of the speaker to a minimum. When the source device is activated, adjust the volume. When you turn off the source, you should also adjust the volume of the speaker to a minimum and then turn off the source. This will protect the amplifier chip inside the sound system speaker and make your speaker "life" more enjoyable.

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