These small details will ruin your sound system speakers 4


2. Don't listen to music at maximum volume for a long time

     Listening to music at maximum volume when using speakers is rare in real life. However, this may happen. For example, the computer is placed in the study room, and the sound system speakers are placed in the study room. Some friends chat and drink in the living room, and the volume of the sound system speaker in the study room is adjusted to be very large, so that it is convenient to enjoy music in the living room.

home sound system with subwoofer

Home sound system with subwoofer

What are the consequences of this? If the sound is easily distorted from the sound quality, even the burning of the sound unit may occur. In addition to this situation, it is easy to cause the temperature on the back of the sound system speakers to be too high, thus affecting the life of the speaker. Therefore, when using the speaker, adjust the volume up to about half, so that this will not happen.

     The sound system speakers should be unplugged when it is not used for a long time. Although there is no sound signal input to the speaker after the shutdown, the speaker still works at the static working point, and there is still a quiescent current flowing through the internal circuit, which is still working. This means that it is very likely to cause components such as amplifiers to be damaged.


home cinema sound system

Home cinema sound system speakers

3. Do not align the sound system speakers with a microphone

     I believe that this situation is quite common. For example, when singing in some KTVs, if you use a microphone to align the speakers, it will make a harsh whistle. This situation is caused by the tweeter of the speaker, which is very easy to burn the tweeter. So don't point it at the speaker when using the microphone.

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