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Some small details when using the sound system speakers

     In addition to ordinary maintenance to be done, the use of speakers should follow the rules of use, there are some experiences worth learning.

     1. The sound system speaker is best to be fixed

     The fixation mentioned here does not mean permanent fixation, and it cannot be moved after being fixed. The fixing we refer to can be understood as not allowing the speaker to slip and move easily, because we will inevitably not touch the speaker during the process of use. If the sound system speakers is dropped on the ground, serious injury is very troublesome.

music sound system for home

Music sound system for home

2. After using for a long time, you should clean the speaker head

     After the speaker cable has been in use for a long time, it will inevitably be oxidized at both ends of the cable. When the thread is oxidized, it will cause the sound quality of the speaker to drop. At this time, it is necessary to clean the contact points with a detergent in order to maintain the sound quality for a long time.


3. When listening to music, you should check the line connection first.

     In fact, when the speaker cable is connected successfully, we will not touch these cables anymore. But take every care just in case, when using the speaker, it is best to check if the speaker cable is connected properly, or can also check if the speaker cable is bitten by a mouse.


3.1 sound system

3.1 sound system speakers

Written at the end:

     It can be seen that these simple maintenance and maintenance of the speaker are all things that everyone can do. It is not a big problem, such as damage to the box welding circuit. Everyone can do this, just to pay attention to the problems that are usually not noticed. I have to admit that paying attention to these maintenance and maintenance details will greatly enhance the life of our speakers. A set of speakers is not like a consumable digital electronic product. The more you listen to the sound, the more mature. The more important the problem is that we first need to have a careful care for it.

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